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Didn’t the Michigan minimum wage go up?

Posted by Robert Howard | Jan 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Michigan Court of Appeals reversed a lower court opinion that would have raised Michigan's minimum wage to $13.03 on February 19, 2023.

The Court of Appeals determined that the Michigan legislature had the authority to amend the petition initiatives that were passed in 2018 that would have raised the minimum wage and provided paid sick leave to Michigan employees. What had happened was Michigan residents petitioned to raise the minimum wage by a ballot initiative. The Michigan Legislature adopted the provision before it was put to the voters,  but then immediately amended it to move the increases to the minimum wage to a later date. Worker organizations filed suit claiming that what the Legislature did was unconstitutional. The Court of Claims agreed. But the Court of Appeals yesterday reversed that decision, leaving the lower minimum wage in place. The case is likely to be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Michigan's minimum wage remains at $10.10 and the tipped minimum wage remains at $3.84.

If you're not being paid at least $10.10 an hour ­­­– and $15.15 an hour for all hours worked over 40 a week, or if your job is not letting you keep all your tips, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

The Court of Appeals full opinion is available here: Mothering Justice v Attorney General

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