Every Bos & Glazier lawyer previously worked in a large law firm. Each lawyer therefore understands key benefits of a large firm:

  • Numerous lawyers to work on major cases
  • Effective collaboration on strategy recommendations
  • Quick response to major client commitments
  • National management of related cases pending in various cities

Because of our prior experience in larger firms, Bos & Glazier lawyers also understand key problems with such firms:

  • Substantial overhead requirements
  • Greater volume of cases than firms can effectively manage
  • Significantly higher hourly rates to pay for overhead
  • Bureaucratic delays in decision-making
  • Inexperienced lawyers entrusted with major client projects

As a small law firm, Bos & Glazier's objective is to maximize the benefits and avoid the weaknesses of size. We have found the answer by networking with other top-rated local and national firms.

Networking has enabled us to maintain the streamlined benefits of being small while allowing us to expand our capability, as needed, with no additional overhead expense to us and our clients. Our law firm has developed a reputation as effective, decisive, problem-solving troubleshooters handling both local and national cases. We have developed our network of top-rated law firms in three primary ways:

  • Primerus network of law firms
  • American Bar Association Section of Litigation leadership
  • Special working arrangements with national law firms

Our Firm

Bos & Glazier is dedicated to supporting our clients in all cases, no matter the size. We are court room lawyers who use cutting-edge, sophisticated resources both in trial and behind the scenes.

What Our Clients Say

The following quotes from several of our clients will help you understand the commitment Bos & Glazier makes to each and every client it represents.