America has the best medical system in the world.  But sometimes even the best people working in the best institutions make mistakes.  When those mistakes happen in the health care industry, the results are often catastrophic to patients and their families.

For more than twenty years our lawyers have represented injured patients and their families.  It takes that kind of time and experience to know how to properly handle a complicated medical case where health care professionals have made errors.  To determine whether a health care provider is liable for malpractice under the law requires a mix of legal and medical evaluations.  We work closely with a medical doctor who helps us to carefully screen and prepare every case we accept.  

Michigan has complicated laws that must be followed before a malpractice claim can even be filed.  Notice must be properly given to the hospitals and physicians before they are sued.  An Affidavit of Merit, prepared by an appropriate expert and detailing the areas of malpractice, must be signed even if the injury is catastrophic.  If these technical rules are not carefully followed, a medical malpractice case could end before it starts.      

Our lawyers have also defended health care providers.  That experience helps us to predict exactly how the other side will try to defend a case.  And it helps to explain why other experienced lawyers have asked our firm to represent their most seriously injured clients.

It is a big decision to file a lawsuit against your doctor or hospital.  They are in the business of helping people and, more often than not, render quality services.  But if a mistake has been made, resulting in very serious injuries or death, we have the ability and the proven track record to help you.

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