Clients are often concerned about what it will cost to bring their case to a successful conclusion.  While Bos & Glazier works on a straight hourly arrangement for some of our practice areas (Commercial disputes and most defense cases), we also accept personal injury cases and some employment cases on a contingency fee basis.

Like it sounds, a contingency fee means that we do not recover any fee for our time unless there is a recovery for our client.  Our fee in contingent cases is based on a percentage of the total recovery after deducting out-of-pocket costs that we paid to prepare the case.  The contingent fee arrangement puts most of the risk of litigation on our firm.  The terms of the agreement are spelled out in an easy-to-read written contract signed before we begin to work on the case.

For cases we handle on an hourly basis, we may charge a retainer.  We will bill against that retainer on a monthly basis. We provide guidance on what the likely costs of litigation will be and advise if unexpected turns in the litigation (which can happen) will change the anticipated budget.  We do not use inexperienced, young attorneys who "learn the ropes" on client cases.  The firm founders each have more than 25 years of litigation experience.

We do not charge for the initial contact with our firm.  If you call us or use our contact form, an attorney or legal assistant will speak with you regarding your claim and ask you questions to help us better understand your claim.  There is no charge for this call.  If a meeting is scheduled with an attorney, there may or may not be a charge, depending of the type of case.  If there will be a charge, the amount of the charge will be disclosed to you in advance. 

Our Firm

Bos & Glazier is dedicated to supporting our clients in all cases, no matter the size. We are court room lawyers who use cutting-edge, sophisticated resources both in trial and behind the scenes.

What Our Clients Say

The following quotes from several of our clients will help you understand the commitment Bos & Glazier makes to each and every client it represents.