On the day a commercial contract is signed, everyone is happy. On the day the agreement falls apart, all sides look for the best lawyers. Once the battle begins, it usually takes many years and a great deal of money before the issues are resolved.

Bos & Glazier is known for its effective, efficient handling of high-stakes, complex litigation. Key to success in complex cases is helping the jury understand what is at stake. Using a highly specialized, uniquely created document-management system, our lawyers "uncomplicate the complicated." We frame sophisticated issues in a way that jurors can understand.

Because our document-management system is web-based, our out-of-state clients can work with us as though they were sitting in the same room. As every member of the team views the same information on their respective computer screens, we piece together the evidence. When it is time to argue the case in court, we present the material in a seamless fashion.

As trial lawyers, our forte is courtroom presentation. We work with other attorneys, of varying specialties, to aggressively put together a case. Networking with specialists has enabled us to maintain the streamlined benefits of being small while allowing us to expand our capability, as needed, with no additional overhead expense to us and our clients.

To work with a winning team, one doesn't need to hire a "big" law firm. The real question is: How good is my lawyer at presenting this complicated case to a jury?

Our Firm

Bos & Glazier is dedicated to supporting our clients in all cases, no matter the size. We are court room lawyers who use cutting-edge, sophisticated resources both in trial and behind the scenes.

What Our Clients Say

The following quotes from several of our clients will help you understand the commitment Bos & Glazier makes to each and every client it represents.