Court Certifies Class in Lawsuit Against Woods Lounge

We filed suit against the Grand Woods Lounge on behalf of its employees for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Today, the Court certified the class.  What that means is that there is enough to demonstrate that the employees were likely subject to the same rules and experienced essentially the same treatment. You can read a copy of the Court's Order here.

We are seeking additional current and former employees who worked as servers and bartenders from 2016 to 2019 at the woods. If an employee only worked a portion of one of those years, he or she may still be eligible to join the suit. We are seeking to recover unpaid wages and improperly deducted tips on behalf of the current and former employees of The Woods. Please contact us through our Contact Page, or by phone at 616-458-6814 for more information. A copy of the Court Approved Consent to Join Form is available here:

Consent to Join Class Action Form
Consent to Join Form

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