Achievements - Jury Awards

Medical Malpractice.

Bos & Glazier won a jury verdict of $6.1 million on behalf a woman who was given pain shots and developed an infection that compromised the blood flow to her spinal cord.  It remains the largest medical negligence verdict in Kent County Circuit Court. Jurors sided with Betty Geldersma's contention that her doctor was negligent for failing to swab her neck with disinfectant before giving her pain shots.  Mlive Article

Breach of Contract

In one of the few multi-level marketing cases actually tried to jury verdict, Bos & Glazier won a major victory for two California distributors against a multi-level marketing company. The $1.1 million judgment on the jury's verdict was even more satisfying since the case had been thrown out of court by the trial judge who was reversed on appeal. The trial received national media coverage with the Associated Press filing reports on final arguments and the jury's unanimous verdict.

Eminent Domain

When the government takes private land for public use, the battle is over how much the taking is worth. In one such case, the government offered our client $186,000. But after our jury verdict, the State of Michigan paid $945,000 to settle the case. Immediately following that victory, we settled another condemnation case for the property owner when the State of Michigan agreed to pay our client $9.1 million instead of the $1.9 million the government had originally offered.


Even though her case was dismissed by the trial court in a decision that was reversed on appeal, Bos & Glazier won a $690,000 verdict on behalf of an employee who asserted a claim under the Whistle-Blower Protection Act.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Bos & Glazier won a FMLA interference case against a cable company by securing a $105,000 verdict for back pay on behalf of one of Charter's former employees.  With liquidated damages, front pay (lost wages from date of verdict forward), attorney fees, and interest added to the verdict by the trial judge, the total judgment exceeded $650,000. 

Discriminatory Hiring Practices

Bos & Glazier won racial discrimination in hiring case against a large furniture manufacturer by securing a $86,000 verdict on behalf of a temporary employee who was not hired in due to her race. With interest, costs, and attorney fees the judgment exceeded $140,000.

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