Employment law covers the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of employees and employers. The law describes when employees may be fired from their jobs and what is legal or illegal conduct.  Employment lawyers usually represent only employers or only employees in employment disputes. Bos & Glazier primarily represents employees. 

Union employees usually have rights under a contract that is negotiated by their union.  This contract, called a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), may say when employees can be fired and create a just cause requirement for termination of employment. Employers may only fire just cause employees for a good and valid reason.  

Most non-union employees have no contract rights and are considered "at-will" employees.  At will means the employee can be terminated at any time for any reason, except for a reason that is unlawful, such discrimination based on a protected category like race, sex, age, or disability.  To learn more about the at-will employment rule and its exceptions, click here

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