Practice Methods - ADR: Staying Out of Court

Litigation can be an expensive proposition - especially in cases where a great deal of money is at stake. Bos & Glazier is absolutely committed to alternative dispute resolution. Whether our clients choose a form of mediation, arbitration or some other ADR method, we encourage resolution of cases outside the court room.

In fact, more than twenty years ago when alternative dispute methods were being developed, our senior partner, Carole Bos, tried one of the first summary jury trials ever conducted in Michigan. The case, involving a seriously injured police officer, was settled as a direct result.

Not only do we recommend alternative dispute resolution to our clients, each partner in our firm has years of experience serving as a mediator for other lawyers and their clients.

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Bos & Glazier is dedicated to supporting our clients in all cases, no matter the size. We are court room lawyers who use cutting-edge, sophisticated resources both in trial and behind the scenes.

What Our Clients Say

The following quotes from several of our clients will help you understand the commitment Bos & Glazier makes to each and every client it represents.