Grand Rapids federal court jury returned a verdict in favor of a former employee of Charter Communications

On May 29, 2015, a Grand Rapids federal court jury returned a verdict in favor of a former employee of Charter Communications. The plaintiff, Carmen Kidd, was a 10 year employee of Charter who was working at Charter's call center in Walker, Michigan. After she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she took an intermittent leave as allowed under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Ms. Kidd was fired from her job and accused of job abandonment for failing to call in absences on three consecutive days. During this time, Ms. Kidd had been approved for short term disability by the insurance company that provided disability coverage for Charter's employees. Ms. Kidd did not call in because she provided notice to Charter that she was on an approved disability leave.

The jury's verdict of $105,000 covers Ms. Kidd's lost wages and benefits from the date of her termination through the date of trial. Under the FMLA, the judge has discretion to double this sum after the verdict. Ms. Kidd's attorneys will also be seeking payment of attorney fees and costs and either reinstatement of Ms. Kidd to her former position or compensation for her future lost wages.

Ms. Kidd was represented by attorneys Brad Glazier and Carole Bos from the firm Bos & Glazier.

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