Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Holland City Clerk

In a long-running battle between the City of Holland and its former Clerk, Jenifer French, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a final order on Friday, February 7, 2014. In its order, the Supreme Court refused to accept the City's request to overturn a June, 2013 decision issued by the Michigan Court of Appeals in favor of Ms. French. Ms. French won an arbitration award stemming from her 2006 termination by the City. After prevailing before the arbitrator, the City sought to vacate the arbitration award. Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Edward Post granted the City's request and reversed the arbitrator and ordered that the case be heard before a new arbitrator. Appellate review of the original arbitration award was delayed by the order requiring the second arbitration hearing.

Jenifer French was represented by Bos & Glazier attorney Bradley Glazier in the proceedings before Judge Post, the second arbitrator, the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. In addition to getting her job back, Ms. French is entitled to the compensation that she lost from the date of her termination through the date of her reinstatement.

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